Cabbage Bombing

The OoC Cabbage Bombing Guide A non-terrorist action with terrorist like results!

Foreword, by Blackbane:

The Cabbage Bomb is the OoC’s calling card. When you see a city that's been ravaged by cabbage, you know who was just there. That being said, it is imperative that planning a cabbage bomb not be taken lightly! If a bomb is done with few people, or done poorly... It just looks pathetic, and does the cult no good. Try to have at least six people. Trust me. We need to keep up our reputation!

Foreword, by Ignite 168: Not really a foreword, but whatever. Remember, communication is the deciding factor on whether or not the bomb will be successful. Remember the four Cs:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Common Sense
  • Cabbage

Stage One: The plan


An OoC Gathering

While at the patch plan out what you're going to do. This area is basically common sense. Listen up so you'll hear what everyone needs to do.


  • Determine how many group leaders will be needed.

There should be about 1 group leader for every 5-10 people in a bomb.

  • Everyone should keep chat to a minimum while groups are organized/balanced.

(No shouting suggestions unless asked for please) It is vital that people can see what's happening and know what exactly is going on and what the plan is.

Load up, pick a place to bomb, line up, and head out!

Stage Two: Planting the bomb

One of the biggest problems upon arriving at a city is rushing. Whatever happens, DO NOT BOMB YET! No one should bomb until 'the signal' is given. Take your time and the bomb will come out that much better.


  • Space yourselves out. One person should cover a 6x6 area if done properly.
  • Do not start dropping until the signal is given. If you see one person jumping the gun, don’t worry. WAIT FOR THE SIGNAL
  • While you have a couple seconds, look around and plan where you will be dropping. See if anyone's near you so that you wont overlap with anyone else. If you are too close, move accordingly.

"Ready...? Gogogogogogo!!!!!" "Bombbombobmomb!!!!" "Now!"

Stage Three: Bombing.

Now for the most fun part... and also the hardest. There are many more subtleties to dropping cabbage than you would think.


  • Firstly, you should never drop your cabbages all in one spot; nor should you space them out too much! You'll either cover up too small an area, or seemingly no area at all! Think of the spray-paint tool in paint, and try to mimic that..
  • Secondly, watch where everyone else is bombing. Some overlapping isn’t bad, as cabbage gets picked up, but if you overlap too much, you are just wasting cabbage. 10 people x 28 cabbage = 280 cabbage... there should be no excuse for a small bomb.
  • Thirdly, use some artistic judgment. The whole point is to fill the busy area with cabbage, and to make a huge mark on the minimap. If you are near the middle, it may be wise to condense your cabbages, but not too much. If you are on the outside, why not put one or two spaces between all your cabbage?

Cabbage Bombing Diagram

Take a look at these two bombings of the Greater Lesser demons. Diagram 1 shows nine people (252 cabbages) bombing. See how at the south end the cabbages are all bunched up (a). The bomb just ends abruptly at the wall, whereas the north side spreads out and diminishes. Diagram 2 shows nine people again (still 252 cabbages), but this time the bomb is spread out, leaving a bigger mark on the minimap. See how much of a difference it makes?

If 1 or 2 people space their cabbage out, it makes the cabbage bomb look MUCH bigger. I have seen several bombs where the people were too far apart,not spreading out their cabbage, and basically just making a poor bomb, that was saved by one person connecting all the small condensed clusters with VERY largely spaced out cabbage.

Question One - How do you bomb?


Different Bombing Patters

So far we've 'classified' 4 bombing patterns:

  • Random (Red)
  • Checkered (Green)
  • Line (Oranges) and
  • Solid block (Starting to form at yellow)

The patterns are really not that different in difficultly, it's more of a preference in bombing style. You may choose to bomb in one way, however, always remember that the goal is to make it look random and spread out, but still held together - like an explosion!

For this reason, we'll cross off the solid block immediately. It's too organized and it just looks like a block of cabbage put on the ground in a polygonal fashion using a ruler. This pattern is used most by new bombers, or people who have just decided to join into the bombing during our "campaigns". Square bombs are a no-no. (Same with other polygonal shapes. =P)

Lines are usually used for bombing around obstacles like tables or along walls.

That leaves random and checkered. The best is to combine the two, since random may look like the bomb's falling apart while checkered may seem to structured at times.

Question Two - Where do you bomb? -Locations submitted by Sunmann99

Following are the places that the cult usually bombs.

Falador Falador is the most common place that is bombed - it's a large city and it's practically next to our patch. Almost always, the center is bombed. Have people go into the buildings, and use the bridge. The park/east bank is also a good place for a scattered bomb as people are always just walking by...

Reload at Main Patch.

Lumbridge Lumbridge is usually bombed afterwards. The green areas are good areas to bomb. The entrance to the castle is a good spot for a checkered pattern. The 3 main areas of the Lumbridge bomb is the castle, the courtyard, and the village. With enough people, you can get each area. In the past we've done larger bombs that included the General Store and the goblin forest.

Reload at Lumbridge Patch.

Varrock Because the city is so immensely big, Varrock isn't usually bombed a whole lot, but still can have some potential. The entrances to Varrock and around the two banks are good places to bomb. Like Falador, if you're bombing the center, make sure people are located around and inside the buildings.

Draynor Despite it's size, it has a lot of bombing areas. The major bombing area is at the center, by Diango. Locations at the woodcutters and by the bank are also good places to startle a few passerby.

Usually we end with a small bombing at Draynor but on large bombing trips, we take it to the wild... ;-)

Question Three - Please sir, can I have some more?

There are 3 main re-filling points.

Draynor Cabbage Patch Of course our home and where cabbages come from.

Lumby Patch Here is usually re-filled after a Lumby bomb.

Varrock Patch A few cabbages. Here people should stand on one and pick all at the same time. (This was supposed to be a joke by Iggy at one bombing, but whatever)

Question Four - POPQUIZ!?!?!?!? Which of the following is NOT one of the four Cs of bombing? (HINT: It doesn't start with a C)

  • c) Communication
  • e) the vegetable of whose name we cannot speaks
  • c) Creativity
  • n) Potato
  • c) Common Sense
  • d) Nuts
  • c) Cabbage

Answers: e)n)d)

Examples of bombs

Here are some examples of bombs:

Cabbage patch bomb

Fally garden bomb

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