Cabbage Picking

Written by Blackbane, revised by Ignite 168


Foreward, by Blackbane:

Thanks to Oergg for the original idea. After 26.000 cabbage, I felt that I truly understood the finer points of the "green gold". I was prompted to write this firstly by suggestion by some random people, and secondly because I see so many people going at the whole picking process wrong.

I think people are still living in the dark ages of cabbage picking. It was much simpler back then. None of this newfangled.... wait a minute... hold the phone... cabbage picking is still simple, and its outrageous that I'm wasting my time writing a redundant piece of....


Step One: Common sense.

Throw this out the window. I cannot stress this enough. You just won't have any use for it here...

Or will you?

Step Two: Items - What to wear.


The OoC Uniform

If you are male, skip this portion. Heck, if your female, skip this portion. What you are wearing won't change the fact you're a crazy, a loony, picking cabbage for fun. Although wearing less, and having a clear inventory, seems to speed the amount of time you can run, I highly suggest the Cabbage uniform. It consists of the following:

  • Chef's hat
  • Ruby amulet or Amulet of strength
  • Staff of fire
  • Priest gown (shade robes acceptable, Dark Wizard robes are not)
  • Red gloves are optional, but recommended.
  • Leather boots

I have seen people pick cabbage without this uniform; but when they put it on, they become more enthusiastic about picking, and get much faster at clicking. Its a psychological thing. Trust me on this one.

Step Three: Location... location... location!

My suggestion: Draynor village. Oergg's Suggestion: Draynor village Eminem's Suggestion: Don't do drugs.

Three rappers cant be wrong. Draynor Village bank, and the cabbage patch north-west of it. Why not pick on World 7 while you're at it?

I see so many people go through gate to get at cabbage, but if you look closely at the fence, you will see a little brown thing sticking out.


Click on it.

I dare you.

It will jump the fence for you, saving you several precious seconds! You'd be surprised how little people know about these...


How to pick your cabbage.


Here is a diagram of how to pick the cabbage:

Step Four: Picking - Pick the darned Cabbage!

As you can see, if you go up and down the columns, not rows, you will go up twice, and down twice, and end up RIGHT BACK AT THE STILE!

You would almost think I've done this before.....

Don't pick in rows if you can't help it. Picking in rows might lead you to go into other people's paths, making them pissed off at you.

On clicking. When clicking on cabbage, wait till your character bends over to click on the next cabbage. That way, by time he finishes picking cabbage, he will lose not even a millisecond getting the next one. And you don't have to move your mouse to get the next cabbage! Hold your mouse so that when your character moves to pick, your mouse will pass over to the next cabbage.

But don't click too fast. When your character reaches the cabbage, before you can give the order for the next move, he will stop, losing valuable picking time.

Step Five: Banking - Gone in 60 seconds... or 130 anyway....

The whole thing, from bank to collecting a full load of 28 and going back to the bank, should take about 2 min, 10 seconds. providing the following:

  • No lag
  • No one stealing your cabbage
  • You don't talk to anyone
  • You don't get scammed
  • You don't misclick any cabbage throwing off your pattern
  • Your computer doesn't crash
  • You don't get lost
  • You don't make fun of the horsey man

Even though he is right near your path, don't waste time making fun of the horsey man.

Its best to always click on stile from far off, and when just about to get there, stop running. This saves valuable energy. Also, don't run when you have a full load! Only run on empty.

Right click the bank booth from far away (click through walls if you have to), so that you can gain an extra few seconds instead of getting in, and then clicking bank booth.

Step Six: HAVE FRIGGEN FUN!... or DON'T!

For best results, pick cabbage with friends!

Unless your life revolves around picking cabbage, and every second counts, it's just cabbage for Pete's sake. Talk with people. Act as strangely as possible.

Shout 'KAH BAH GEE!!' whenever, and as often as possible. Make sure people can hear you, or you're talking to yourself. Which is not all that bad... but I mean... awww forget it. - Some random cabbage words to confuse the general public:

  • Cabtastic!
  • Cabage-o-rama
  • Cabular
  • Cabaliscious
  • Cabular
  • Cabaholic

The cult cheer cheer is KAH BAH GEE!!!! (having it with "flash3:" is not bad either) This cheer boosts up your clicking abilities, and the amount of cabbage you have in your inventory will magically grow as you click on the cabbages. No kidding, really!

Heck, if your lucky you can even get people to pick cabbage with you, and they too will learn how much fun it is! You'd be surprised at how many people were dropped on the head as a child!

Also check out Cabbage Bombing, Cabbage Art and Cabbage Synchronization. Expand your cabtastic imagination!

Step Seven: Final Notes and babblings - Don't give up!

Random Dude: Your F****** weird

Blackbane: My mom says I'm cool

Dude: noob

Every now and then (okay, maybe constantly) there will be unbelievers of your cause. Some may even go as far to take time out of their busy day to tell you that your wasting your time, or being unproductive. Although this may be true, here are a couple points to remember to keep you strong in your goals:

  • EVERYTHING you do in RuneScape is unproductive. Not just cabbage picking. So might as well have fun doing it.
  • Being silly is better than being too serious. You meet a lot more interesting people, and have a lot more fun socializing while playing rather than spend hours just clicking, gaining stats.
  • SET YOURSELF SOME GOALS! Planning on picking 100k may sound like an honourable goal... but are you going to achieve it one day? How about a week? How about a month? If you're diligent, have nothing better to do and you have a hell lot of time you could do it in a month. And it will be easy to lose hope.
  • Set a specific amount that you want to collect a session. I like 1k. Takes about an hour. One hour a day. And you can do it faster if you don't talk to anyone, but really.... how fun is that?

Step Eight: So what do we do with all of these?

Give your cabbage to the OoC. Seriously. It's worthless. And unless you're a complete idiot like the rest of us, cabbage is nothing special.

Step Ten: So what if there's no nine? It's the end of the guide!


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