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He was originally known as GamerGuy11. The GamerGuy11 account was banned after being hacked by some of the other board members. He has made various accounts since then, but GGRevamped is the current one used. GGRevamped has been nicknamed GGR by the board members for obvious reasons.

The biggest thing he is know for is his Saw: Choose Your Fate series. Although none of them have been successful many board members still take place in them and everybody seems to like them. Hopefully one day there will be one to succeed.

Fantasy Booker Game

Real Action Wrestling

GGRevamped signed up for this, naming his show Real Wrestling Action. His promotion is currently in third place, above the Best Wrestling Federation (Bradbingham), and under Sexy Action Wrestling (Sir Slurpee) and High Performance Wrestling (Wehmer).


  1. Triple H
  2. Kevin Thorn
  3. Chris Benoit
  4. Diamond Dallas Page
  5. Scott Hall
  6. X -Pac
  7. Kurt Angle
  8. Rob Conway
  9. Lance Hoyt
  10. Shawn Michaels
  11. Chris Sabin
  12. Rene Durpee
  13. Rhino
  14. Mr Kennedy
  15. Charlie Haas
  16. Shelton Benjamin
  17. Scott Steiner
  18. Chris Jericho
  19. Jeff Hardy
  20. Jack Evans
  21. Ultimo Dragon
  22. Booker T
  23. Ken Shamrock
  24. Vampiro
  25. Dean Malenko
  26. Rick Steiner
  27. Billy Kidman
  28. Juventud Guerrera
  29. Konnan
  30. Stevie Ray

As this promotion is not my own, please alert me if I've made any mistakes.

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