GIG Apps AutoSys Upgrade Status

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GIG Apps AutoSys Upgrade Status

Applications Point Person Identify Team Resources Identify users for access on galois-z1 Gather JIL inventory Hours estimate for remaining work Identify test cases **** Identify JILs to test
copy JILs from PROD to DEV Prep app’s DEV env **** DEV testing completed
QA testing completed **** Ready for cutover weekends
ALL GIG APPS a-summary                      
AOS ATS ARS a-summary   NA NA   N/A            
AUMS & PFED apps a-summary       30              
CRD-GIG & IGD apps a-summary       750              
DBA AutoSys jobs a-summary       16              
ERS(External Routing Services) a-summary                      
ETS apps a-summary       180              
EUROPE apps a-summary         YC still gathering info            
GIG Accounting apps a-summary       2272              
GIG APS a-summary       15 by 7/30            
GIG Small Apps a-summary       20              
GOPAC apps a-summary                      
GRIDS apps a-summary       60              
ISER-GIG apps a-summary       48              
ISDS-GIG a-summary       40              
"MARS" apps a-summary       130 635 hrs maybe            
NA-PUBS apps a-summary       56              
CIA-GIG(to be done under CRMC) a-summary NA NA NA   NA            
OATS app a-summary       N/A            
PIM apps a-summary       42              
Production Control a-summary   NA NA                
SDS/TRT apps a-summary         by 7/31            
Tech Arch apps a-summary       4              
TPS & MAID apps a-summary       40              

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