CAPC has designed and administered a wide range of prevention services such as respite care for high risk families. Currently prevention services are focused on three areas: The Family Cooperative Project, the Family Support Home Visitation Program, and the California Alliance for Prevention. Currently CAPC directly administers the following multidisciplinary teams: Child Death Review Team, Fetal and Infant Mortality Review, Sacramento County Child Protective Systems Oversight Committee, and Family Support Collaborative. In addition, CAPC serves as an acting member on numerous committees dedicated to improving the condition of children and families. Certain professionals (such as teachers, healthcare providers, foster parents, etc.) are mandated by law to report to Child Protective Services and/or law enforcement, any known or suspected child abuse and neglect. Personnel working in these professions are called Mandated Reporters.

As charged by law, CAPC seeks to increase public awareness about issues relating to child abuse and neglect. The intent is to build a community which protects its children by recognizing indicators and responding appropriately. Community Education and Outreach includes local health fairs, agency newsletter, print, video and audio library and by multi-media means, including print, web site, video, and television.

(Source: CAPC website)

From initial communication with Claudia, the CAPC contact, it seems that the Santa Cruz branch is currently being reorganized from the ground up after having been closed down for some time; this may be a particularly good time for integrating their technology with their mission.

The draft of the letter of introduction and the meeting notes now have their own pages.

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