Act: means the Electric Utilities Act S.A. 2003 c. E-5.1 and the regulations made thereunder, all as amended, replaced or re-enacted from time to time.
Activation (or Activate): The act of the System Controller dispatching a Reserve Resource to be in position to be able to Deploy Operating Reserves upon a System Controller Ancillary Service Directive.
Actual Availability (AA): With respect to each Unit and during each settlement period of the effective term of the PPA, the number of watt-hours of electricity that such Unit was capable of generating during such settlement period.
Actual Consumed Quantity: means, with respect to an hour, the aggregate amount of Electricity actually consumed by the Customer during that hour at all of the Sites that are then enrolled with EPCOR as retailer.
Actual Fixed Gas Network Charges (AFGNC): The franchise fees and fixed gas transportation charges levied on the Owner of PPA units by the provider of gas transportation services under the terms of the relevant agreements for gas supply to service the requirements of the Committed Capacity and the electricity generated by the Committed Capacity.
Actual Peak Hour Consumed Quantity: means, with respect to a Peak Hour, the aggregate amount of Electricity actually consumed by the Customer during that Peak Hour at all of the Sites that are then enrolled with EPCOR as retailer.
Actual Plant Electricity Consumed Charges (APELEC): The cost of electricity consumed in the Plant (excluding the cost of the auxiliary electricity consumed when the Plant is declared unavailable by the Owner of PPA units) and the cost of electricity consumed in performing a Buyer of PPA units initiated Start Up, all costed at the Pool Price when such electricity is consumed.
Actual Property Taxes (APTAX): The property taxes levied on the Owner of PPA units by the relevant Governmental Authority.
Administration Charge (Admin Fee): A charge calculated at a flat $/MWh rate, applied to each MWH of Energy that is underconsumed based on the Contracted Quantities.
Advantage: 6 Block Time of Use Products -Contract price at which all consumption during the advantage time block is charged. (** Daily from 11pm to 7am, all year round**)  This structure applies to previous contracts.  Current EMC products to not offer this type of structure.
AEB: Alberta Energy Board.
AEUB: Alberta Energy Utilities Board.
Affiliate: In relation to any Person including the Owner and the Buyer of PPA units, any other Person directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by, or under direct or indirect common control with, that Person; for the purpose of this definition, a Person shall be deemed to control another Person if that Person possesses directly or indirectly, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of that other Person, whether by operation of law, by contract, through the ownership of voting securities or otherwise.
Aggregated billing: Used to describe an account that requires data from multiple sites for billing calculations or that presents billing information for multiple sites on a single invoice page.
Alberta Department of Energy (ADOE): The provincial department responsible for developing and administering policies for the Alberta energy industries.

Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO): The AESO is responsible for the safe, reliable and economic operation and planning of Alberta's interconnected power system and the facilitation of Alberta's real-time wholesale electricity market.

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB): The provincial body responsible for regulating certain parts of the energy industry in Alberta.
Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES): The AIES, often called the grid, consists of transmission lines and substations that move power from generation facilities to end-users.
Alberta Pool Price: means, with respect to an hour, the price for that hour established and reported by the Independent System Operator for Electricity exchanged through the Alberta Power Pool.
Alberta Power Pool: means the power pool, as that term is defined in the Act.
IESO charge 1

IESO Charge Types

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