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This page exists because I have problems editing Various Projects

Status: integrated into 2.0b!

Here is a GNU Smalltalk port of Federico Stilman's STT - Smalltalk Templates: STT.tar.gz. It is not as complete as the squeak Version, but it demonstrates the principle. To test it, evaluate:

| f | f:= FileStream? open: 'testFile' mode: FileStream? write ifFail:[]. f nextPutAll: STTTemplate test. f close!

Since the there is no access to the compiler in GNU Smalltalk, I left the caching of compiled source out (this is false; the version included in 2.0b does the caching).


It would be nice to have an UML(dia) to MySQL-Converter like dia2sql. This tool doesn't regard constraints as possible in InnoDB-tables (without constraints you won't need a dbms) :-) so the MySQL-driver and the would be a nice combo.

Terminal based browser has moved.

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