I Agree

Probably one of the first fads to hit The Nest was when poster mkw1086 would reply simply with "I Agree" to a post. It caught on and every now and then you will see someone use it and say I Agree (credit: mkw)...example:

Poster A: Megan Fox is hot!
Poster B: I agree (credit: mkw)

Thread Killers

Created on March 9, 2002 and took off with a bang, probably more so than the Nesters thought it would.

The concept was to be the last one to post in the thread for 8 hours before someone else posted it but the trick was to post with a emoticon that wasn't used in the post above you. Since May 2007 Thread Killers has been on break.

  • There have been 302 editions of Thread Killers
  • GCW won the very first TK back on 3/12/02.
  • Mal won the second after using his mod powers and moving the thread across the board to ensure no one would post in it for 8 hours. Afterwards the rule was made for no moving the thread.
  • Goose leads with 123 overkills followed by Jon's 70 and Rav's 33 kills.
  • The famous * was started by Mal when he declared PDX's 1/12/03 kill to be dubbed with a * just like the Spurs '99 title since ezboard went down and no one had access to the Nest. To This day PDX denies it should have one.


Every so often the Nest would hold posting challenges. You would sign in with your beginning post and then when you were done you would post again stating how many you had during the challenge. Different spins were added on including a Internet scavenger hunt created by Bomber and team posting challenges with the board split up into teams. The following is the highest post counts achieved during these challenges.

Most Post in a Day by a Single Poster

  • 597 - mgoose37
  • 390 - mgoose37
  • 340 - mgoose37
  • 310 - mgoose37
  • 303 - Vachss


Actually wasn't created at the Nest but many Nesters where there when Zamboni14 shouted out the famous phrase. 5 years later and the Nest won't let him live it down.


AK is what the Nesters commonly called spammers and people who were interested in board wars. Thankfully it seems like everyone has grown up and got past this stage.

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