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This planet was named Thor because of its blood-red color and because it has a history of collisions. It is constantly being hit by meteors and other celestial bodies, and it has a tendency to capture ones that pass through its gravitational pull. It is the first planet from the star Ragnarok.

  • Rocky
  • Perihelion of 67,928,329 kabbles from Ragnarok
  • Aphelion of 73,863,245 kabbles from Ragnarok
  • Average 70,895,787 kabbles from Ragnarok
  • 7781 kabbles equatorial diameter
  • Average 537*M surface temperature
  • Has no rings
  • Has 3 moons
  • Has a day of 43 hours and a year of 241 ghuxdays
  • Has an axial tilt of 0.1 degrees and does not experience seasons

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