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Because this planet's day and year are so close, only one part of the planet is facing the sun. Because of that, the part facing the sun has a different atmosphere than the rest of the planet. The atmosphere of Loki's "dark side" is a blue-green color, while the sunny side has a relatively clear atmosphere. Loki is the third planet from the star Ragnarok.

  • Rocky
  • Perihelion of 79,865,387 kabbles from sun
  • Aphelion of 82,390,353 kabbles from sun
  • Average 81,127,870 kabbles from sun
  • 11,264 kabbles equatorial diameter
  • 132*M surface temperature
  • Has no rings
  • Has 1 moon
  • Has a day of 378 Ghuxdays, 13 hours, and ½ a second, and a year of 379 Ghuxdays and 13 hours
  • Has an axial tilt of 12* and experiences hot and cold seasons

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