Planetary Features

Ghux is the only planet capable of supporting life with no modifications. It is the fourth planet from Ragnarok.

  • Rocky
  • Perihelion of 85,534,268 kabbles from sun
  • Aphelion of 85,545,806 kabbles from sun
  • Average 85,540,037 kabbles from sun
  • 7886 kabbles equatorial diameter
  • Average 138.6*M surface temperature
  • Has no rings
  • Has 1 moon
  • Has a day of 25 hours and a year of 370 Ghux-days
  • Has an axial tilt of 25*
  • Experiences hot, warm, cold, and wet seasons


Ghux is a medium-small, old planet. It has a very long history.


Ghux is thought to be the second oldest planet in The Ragnarokar System. The only planet thought to precede it is Loki.

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