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Smalltalk by example: String data handling

Creating strings

Basic strings (character collections) are created using the special syntax, using two quotes to generate a string with a quote.

"Create a simple string, with single quote"
'Well I''m a simple string.' printNl !
"Generates Well I'm a simple string."

TODO: Special characters.

Inspecting strings

Common accessors

Commonly used accessors of the String class are self-explanatory:

'Hello' size ! "Returns 5, the number of bytes in the string"
'Hello' first ! "Returns the first character: $H"
'Hello' last ! "Returns the last character: $o"

The characters can then be tested:

'Hello' first isUppercase ! "Returns a Boolean: true"
'Hello' last isUppercase ! "Returns a Boolean: false"

The following functions can also be applied to the characters: isAlphaNumeric isDigit isLetter isLowercase isPunctuation isSeparator isUppercase isVowel.

Finding substrings

A string is a collection of characters. So, we can request the index of an element (a character) with String.indexOf:. To find a substring (remember a String is a sequencedCollection) you will need to use indexOfSubCollection:. Both of these functions have an ifAbsent: variant, which accepts a block if the element or Collection could not be found.

"Finding a character"
'the target string' indexOf: $t !
"Returns 1"

"Using ifAbsent block"
'the target string' indexOf: $z ifAbsent: [ 0 ] !
"Returns 0"

"Finding a substring"
'the target string' indexOfSubCollection: 'target' !
"Returns 5"

"Using the ifAbsent"
'the target string' indexOfSubCollection: 'needle' ifAbsent: [ 'Not found' ]!
"Returns 'Not found'"

If you suspect multiple occurences, you can count them using. Count substrings with countSubCollectionOccurrencesOf:. Count characters (elements) with occurencesOf:.

"Counting characters"
'the target string' occurrencesOf: $t !
"Returns 4"

"Counting substrings"
'A cow says moooo' countSubCollectionOccurrencesOf: 'oo' !
"Returns 2"

Changing strings

Search and replace


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