• Niko as Thomas
  • Florian as Edward
  • Real Bad Man as Henry
  • United Liberty Paper as Gordon
  • Brucie as James
  • Roman as Percy
  • Little Jacob as Toby
  • Johnny as Duck
  • Crash and Eddie from (Ice Age) as Donald and Douglas
  • Bernie Crane as Oliver
  • Kate as Emily
  • Michelle as Rosie
  • Sexy Woman as Annie and Claribel
  • Mabel from (Ratatouille) as Daisy
  • Police Man as Police Man
  • Fly Us Man on TV in Star Junction from (GTA IV The Fall Of Liberty City Heroes) as Sir Top ham Hat
  • Madam Gazelle from (Peppa Pig) as Lady Hat
  • The Tuff Zombie Guy from (GTA IV The Fall Of Liberty City Heroes) as Derek D261 and D199
  • Zombies as Other Railway Diesels
  • Airplane as Jeremy
  • Helicopter as Harold
  • Bus as Bertie
  • Sports Car as Sir Top ham Hats Car
  • Crane as Cranky the Crane
  • Liberty City Buildings as Houses as Buildings

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