GTA San Andreas story.

"Look at that fool. Perpetratin' like he banging," CJ said to himself, looking at OG Loc coming out of the police precinct in Downtown Los Santos. "Yo, wassup, homeboy?" said OG Loc in a gangster way. "Just shut up and get in the car, OG!" said CJ. "Yo, no need to go all sourpuss on my ass."OG Loc said to an underrated CJ. "We're going to Las Venturas. Hope you don't spew in my car on the way," "Hey, I don't get carsick, fool!" OG Loc said. "I better hope so," said CJ.

On the way to Las Venturas, CJ and OG Loc were driving over the bridge that connected Red County to Las Venturas. "We're going to meet a friend of mine, Wu Zi Mu, but I just call him Woozie. And we're also gonna meet Kent Paul, Maccer, Ken Rosenberg, Maria Latore, Zero & Salvatore Leone," "Yeah, I got it, fool." OG Loc replied. "Woozie owns a casino called THh Four Dragons, so when we get in there, you better keep your big mouth shut, OK? I haven't seen these fools in a while now,"

"Ah, hello Carl," Zero said as CJ entered. "What's happening, Zee?" "Not much. I am still happy that Berkley left San Fierro, after we defeated him in the RC Vehicles," "Yeah, those were good times." "Yes. Currently, I am planning an attack on the last of Berkley's delivery vans. It's going to take all of the RC Vehicles to destroy them. Do you think you can help?" :I guess I can, Zee!" CJ said.

To be continued...

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