TheUnitedPikachus version of the Watership Down TV series



Bigwig-Zazu(The Lion King)

Blackberry-Gloria(Happy Feet)

Hawkbit-Soren(Legend of the Guardians)

Dandelion-Woody Woodpecker


Kehaar-Pterano(The Land Before Time)


Tabitha-Shenzi(The Lion King)

Duster-Buster(Lady and the Tramp 2)

Captain Holly-Ezylryb(Legend of the Guardians)

Weasel-Discord(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Cowslip-Vlad Vladikoff(Horton Hears a Who 2008)

Strawberry-Dinky and Boomer(The Fox and the Hound)

Silverweed-Daffy Duck(Looney Tunes)

General Woundwort-Nigel(Rio)

Young Woundwort-Erik(Happy Feet TWO)

Woundwort's Mother-Marina(The Pebble and the Penguin)

Vervain-Allomere(Legend of the Guardians)

Aspen-Jutt and Jatt(Legend of the Guardians)

Moss-Mordecai(Regular Show)

Campion-Mumble(Happy Feet)



Clover-Otulissa(Legend of the Guardians)

Captain Broom-Owl(Pooh)

Gilia,Mallow,and Snowdrop-Jasmine,Kessie,and Eglantine(Rio 2,Pooh,and Legend of the Guardians)

Yona-Fluttershy(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Hickory-Whistler(The Animals of Farthing Wood)

Marigold-Speedy(The Animals of Farthing Wood)


Rabscuttle-Nico and Pedro(Rio)

Prince Rainbow-Ho-oh(Pokèmon)

Black Rabbit of Inlé-Firebird(Fantasia 2000)


Skree-Petrie(The Land Before Time)


Hedge-The Old One(The Land Before Time)

Gluk-Elsa(We're Back! A Dinosaurs Story)

Heather-Margaret(Regular Show)

Spartina-Mama Flyer(The Land Before Time)(Voice Actor Reference!)

Old Silverweed-Moth-Eaten Rook(The Animals of Farthing Wood)

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