First used by David the Chemistry and Bio teacher/ Red Cross Coordinator, Gabby is a name that caught on pretty quickly. Some like it because of the resemblance to the word gabby, which seems to capture the essence of Gabriel; and others just appreciate the feminine implication embedded within the name.

Though used only in extreme cases, 'Gabby' usually achieves the goal of shushing Gabriel.

Other references

  • Gili's mom is called Gabby.
  • Hailey has a person she hates back home which is called Gabby.
  • Elisabeth had used the name on the Snikkarbua shifts-list, which was followed by an anonymous addition of the term 'GAY' in blue ink. No conceivable reason was found for such a drastic act, as it is well known that Gabriel is straight.

Further reading

Gabriel and the questions concerning his sexuality

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