Gadget Boy is a French/American animated series produced by Nickelodeon Studios and animated by Marathon Production, known for their works on Totally Spies!, The Amazing Spies and Martin Mystery based on the DiC animated series of the same name. This is a Nickelodeon original series and features the lead voices of Avan Jogia (known for Victorious as Beck Oliver) as the titular character. The series also features the voice of Daniella Monet, Darran Norris, Barbara Goodson and Maurice LaMarche. LaMarche is the only actor who reprises his role, although some of his roles have been replaced with other actors. The series will premiere in December 2012.

The theme song will be the same but with minor differences on the clips due to the animation difference.


After the death of his son Tobio, Doctor Thyma creates a bionic superchild (latter known as Gadget Boy) in memory of him as his new son. But after realizing that he cannot grow like a normal human child, Thyma rejects Gadget Boy and sells him to a Japanese circus run by Hamegg. He is confronted by Switzerland-based inventor Myron Dabble and ordered him to return to the institution known as Intrepol after seeing Hamegg abused him. Gadget Boy saves some imprisoned robots and the law is changed to make all robots treated like human beings causing Hamegg to forcefully release the boy into Dabble's care. Gadget Boy now works for Dabble and Agent Heather for Intrepol to save the world in which the evil villain Spydra and her pet vulture Boris and her henchmen are trying to take over.


  • Gadget Boy: Gadget Boy, voiced by Avan Jogia, is a bionic superchild working for Intrepol in New York City. He was originally Tobio Thyma, the son of the ex-head inventor of Intrepol, Doctor Thyma. After Tobio died from a car accident, Dr. Thyma tried to built a robot replica of his son but with a mechanical brain with some remaining parts of Tobio's circus. After months of experimenting, Tobio failed to grow because he is robotic. After realizing that, Tobio was rejected by Thyma and was sold to Hamegg to the circus but was rescued by inventor Myron Dabble and now works for Intrepoid. A difference in the show is that in the original series, Gadget Boy sounds like an adult due to having a personality of an adult detective but in the new series, he sounds like a teenager, because he wasen't made for the purpose at the time. His catchphrase is "Sowsers Bowsers" parodying that of Inspector Gadget's catchphrase "Wowsers". Also from the original series, he seems to be a bumbling showoff while in the new series, he is more of a childish wildchild who has not learned to keep control on his powers. Avan Jogia has revealed in his Twitter page that Gadget Boy's bloodline is Japanese because Dr. Thynma is also Japanese descent. Gadget Boy's favorite food is ice cream and green tea cake.
  • Agent Heather: Agent Heather Anasofield, voiced by Daniella Monet, is a worker in Intrepoid and the aide to Gadget Boy. An Irish-American 18-year old teenager, she moved to Intrepol to look for a job after moving out of her parents house. She is the love interest to Myron Dabble but thinks Gadget Boy is adorable. Daniella Monet reveals in her Twitter page that Heather has lost her parents because of a murderer. Heather's favorite food is chocolate cupcakes and pizza.
  • Myron Dabble: Professor Myron Dabble, voiced by Darran Norris, is an inventor from Switzerland who replaced Dr. Thynma as the main inventor for Intrepol after he resigned. He has a crush on Agent Heather. Born in California, he moved to Switzerland in his youth, causing him to develop his Swiss accent. He gives Gadget Boy all of his gadgets and technology. He rescued him from Hamegg in the first place. A difference is that in the original series, Dabble was fat and bald, while in the new series, his appearance is based off of Albert Einstein and Mark Twain to be more a scientist with a foreign nationality.
  • G-9: G-9, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, is a robotic dog who is Gadget Boy's pet and helper in some sticky situations. G-9 was originally a blueprint by Dr. Thyma, the inventor of Gadget Boy, but cancelled the plan because Gadget Boy was a complete failure to him. G-9 has part remains of Tobio's dead puppy, Socko, hidden in his blue-and-orange robotic shell. He communicates in beeps rather than barks.
  • Chief Stromboni: Chief Stromboni, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, is the chief of Intrepoid. Of Italian descent (speaks with an Italian accent), he hands out the tasks and missions for Gadget Boy and Heather. Stromboni did not like Dr. Thynma's attitude and ways after Tobio died. He is also the victim of Gadget Boy's bumbling.
  • Spydra: Spydra, voiced by Barbara Goodson, is the main antagonist of the series. She is a spider-themed villain with a spider costume with six legs and is pink. She has the ability to petrify anyone who sees her face, which she removes her mask (off screen of course). Avan Jogia reveals in his Twitter page that Spydra's origin is that she used to work for Intrepol as an agent but was fired after a chemical accident which caused her power to come in the first place.
  • Boris: Boris, voiced by Corey Burton impersonating Paul Frees, is Spydra's pet vulture who is sarcastic and makes rude remarks because Spydra always abuses him. He speaks with a Russian accent and is the most powerful force Spydra has, able to fly at a long distance and eat anything in sight.
  • Hummus & Mulch: Both boys, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, are Spydra's bumbling henchmen who do most of the dirty work on commiting petty crimes and they are twin brothers. A difference is that in the original version, there designs are based on MAD agents from Inspector Gadget while in the new series, they are both hunchback brothers with robotic suits (Hummus wears a monocle with an orange shirt and Mulch has an Igor-like face with a green shirt) and they both speak with Hungarian accents, like Bella Lugosi.
  • Dr. Thynma: Dr. Thynma, voiced by Tom Kenny, is the original head inventor for Intrepol. He had a son named Tobio who died from a car accident causing him to go insane in which he tries to built Gadget Boy to replace him. But after realizing that he cannot grow due to being a robot, he rejects him and sells him to the circus for Hamegg. He resigned from Intrepol after that and hasen't been seen since. He and his situation is based on Dr. Tenma from Astro Boy.
  • Hamegg/The Great Cacciatore: Hamegg, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, is an Italian circus ringmaster who bought Gadget Boy from Dr. Thynma. His circus, known as the Japanese Dojo Circus, consists of acts for robot battling to the finish with his top champion, Grrodd. When Gadget Boy refused to fight, Hamegg got furious and decided to stop charging Gadget Boy to punish him. Dabble confronted him and tried to make him return Gadget Boy but he refused because of his legal papers on purchasing him. When a fire happened, after Gadget Boy rescued him, at the hospital, he still refuses to thank or appeciate Gadget Boy because he states that he owed him for buying him in the first place and that Dabble can't do anything about it. Dabble later shows him that the "robot's equal rights" law has been signed causing him to be forced to release Gadget Boy to Dr. Dabble. Hamegg is later seen as a back-up force for Spydra. He is known as The Great Cacciatore in the first episode but as Hamegg in the rest of the series. He is based on Hamegg from Astro Boy.
  • Sammy: Sammy, voiced by Jessica DiCiano, is a young robot boy who worked for Hamegg as a young dancer and ballett dancer but he lost his title to Grrodd causing him to not get a charge. Astro Boy later shared him his first electricity which is powered on his butt causing him to work again. He now works for the Interpol.
  • Cyclone: Cyclone, voiced by Nick Afanasiev, is a lizard/robotic hybrid who was created by both Dr. Thyma and Dr. Dabble during their years of inventing together when Gadget Boy was still Tobio. He was mented to be the perfect secret agent but after Thynma's departure, and Gadget Boy being taken in by Dabble, Cyclone was shut off and was thrown in the sewers but has been repowered by Spydra to kill Gadget Boy. He speaks with a Russian accent because his actor is of Russian descent. He has a power to use his stretchy tongue to attack his opponents which is based on his actor's extremley large tongue record, hench his actor's nickname "Tongue Boy". Cyclone first appeared in the episode "Bad Guy on the Ride". Cyclone's head appearance bears a resemblance to stereotypical emos and goths with the same hairstyle. He also has the ability to shapeshift into anything, similar to that of a chameleon, which is why he became a "Gadget Boy" lookalike during his crimes.
  • Moonpie: Moonpie, voiced by Darran Norris impersonating Warner Oland, is a Chinese-American criminal who originally worked in a Chinese restaurant located in Chinatown but it was shut down due to featuring chemical toxins in the food. He blamed Gadget Boy for this causing him to mutate with his chemicals into a condor with the abilities to use noodle whips and chopstick nunchukus. His appearance is based on Fu Manchu. He first appeared in the episode "Big Trouble in Tiny Chinatown".

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