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Recently answered questions

What about foreign language support in Galactic Civilizations II?

Paradox is in the process of translating files now. We will also be putting up our translation kit at so people can translate it however they want.

Why does Galactic Civilizations II ask me for my activation code every time I launch it?

If you've manually created a shortcut to Galactic Civilizations II and the game always asks for activation, right-click on the shortcut and make sure the working directory is set (or the Start In directory in Windows XP). Without the directory listed in the shortcut, the game will either continually ask for activation or will not start at all.

When trying to build buildings it tells me Time To Build: Never. Why is that and how do I fix it?

This can be caused by one of two things:

  1. You do not have enough resources dedicated to Social Building. Raise the % allocated to social building.
  2. If you're finances are well into the negative (red), the game will halt all social building unil you are less seriously endebted.

What are some of the most used hotkeys or keyboard commands for Galactic Civilizations II?

The manual has a listing of other hotkeys and tips, but a couple are worth mentioning:

  • Press Ctrl-S to QuickSave a game.
  • When a Constructor is selected, press the B key to build a starbase.
  • When a fleet or fleets are selected in the ship stack, press U to ungroup the ships in the fleet(s).
  • When first starting a new game, press Ctrl-N to create a new map with your current game settings.
  • The Set Rally Point button the left side of the main map interface can be used to establish targets for newly constructed vessels. After creating your first rally point, the little circle with a downward arrow next to the planet thumbnail (when you have a planet selected) can be used to set the rally point target for ships constructed on that world.

Do I have to kill every race to win a campaign mission?

No. Winning a mission doesn't always mean killing every last potential enemy. Focus on the mission objectives.

How do I play Galactic Civilizations II in a window instead of fullscreen?

Create a shortcut to the GalCiv2.exe file, open up its properties and add ' w' after the shortcut target (without the quote marks, and after any existing quote marks).

Where are my Galactic Civilizations II saved games and preferences stored?

Save games and preferences are stored under Documents and Settings\%username\My Documents\GalCiv2. You can edit the prefs.ini file in that directory to adjust the game resolution to custom values if the in-game detection doesn't pickup special modes that are supported by your graphics card.

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