Scot McKnight. Galatians (NIVAC). Zondervan. 1995. 320 pp.

McKnight follows Dunn and Sanders:

Two scholars deserve special mention for the way in which they have influenced my thinking over the last decade: Professor James D. G. Dunn and E. P. Sanders. The former was my dissertation supervisor, has himself written at length on Galatians in different academic publications, and deserves my heartfelt thanks for his stimulating studies and personal guidance on “matters Galatian.” E. P. Sanders, with whom I have breakfasted but once, has influenced my work in massive ways through his major publications. I have followed the light that these two scholars have shed on Galatian problems and theology to the degree that they have become my mentors.

Carson’s comments, "The NIV Application commentary by Scot McKnight (1995, £19.99/$21.99) is clear and accessible, but it, too, reduces too many of the 'law' issues to questions of boundary markers and social identity."

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