Galaxy Hills Park is a Fanboy and Chum Chum/South Park Parody Series. It is about an American SuperFanboy, who it is called Fanboy, his Red-Haired British Wizard friend Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason, A Vain Platinum Blonde-Haired German WizBoy Celebrity named Sigmund The Sorcerer and an Unlucky Brown-Haired American SuperFanboy, who it is called Chum Chum. Who dies in every episode.


  • Fanboy as Stan Marsh
  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as Kyle Broflovski
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer as Eric Cartman
  • Chum Chum as Kenny McCormick
  • Yo as Wendy Testaburger
  • Lupe as Bebe Stevens
  • Marsha as Shelly Marsh
  • Oz Harmounian as Chef
  • Mr. Hank Mufflin as Mr. Garrison

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