The Earth in the Universe of the Galaxy Rangers [1] [2] has been visited by Transdimensional Void Runners from other universes representing the Hesychast Order from the Universe of the Magisterium, A.I. robots from the Earth of the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne, the Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller, and NeoSapiens from the Exosquad universe (see Exosquad in TVR).

The government/military agency known as BETA [3] has placed itself in charge of it's universe's technology capable of using alternate Earths to reach other universes. BETA has friendly relations with the Hesychast dimension jumpers from the Universe of the Magisterium, and the monks and nuns are establishing a new Official Magisterium sect in the universe of the Galaxy Rangers promoting belief in parallel universes and prayer to a divine Supreme Being. The Empire of ITD also has friendly relations with the BETA, and in fact gave dimension-hopping tech to BETA

The A.I. robots from the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne and the Neo-Sapiens from the Exosquad universe, however, are hostile enemies who have conducted armed raids against the Earth of the Galaxy Rangers universe.

Supertroopers in TVR

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