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Galaxy Trek (Sacagawea) tells about the adventures of the Grey Wolf-class freighter Sacagawea commanded by captain Kasidy Yates.


  • Kasidy Yates: Captain of the Sacagawea.
  • Pardshay: Pilot of the Sacagawea.
  • Gornock: Medical mind on the Sacagawea.
  • Kilby: Kilby is a Kobok who serves as second Pilot on the Sacajawea.
  • Chris: Chief Engineer on the Sacajawea.
  • Galonmor: A man who serves on board the Sacagawea as an engineer.
  • Chmee: Chmee is a Kzinti telepath who defected to the Earth Confederation because he didn't want to take the drug. He now serves on the Sacajawea as the ships translator.
  • T8-Y4 and T8-Y5: Two droids who serve as the Matienance crew on the Sacajawea.
  • Halogon: Harlogon serves as the ships navigator and scout.
  • Fasdono: Fasdono serves on the Sacajawea as the Ships cook.

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