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To land a manned spacecraft on the moon and return it to Earth; conduct a photographic survey of the Lunar surface; conduct a geological survey of the Lunar surface, focusing on natural resources; create an artifact of visit observable by independent, ameteur, Earth-based astronomers; and to begin construction of semi-permanent habitation on the surface of the Moon.


This is a place to compile information, create plans, and manage resources for a civilian trip to the moon.

This project should be open, honest, and firmly anchored in scientific actuality.

What the Galileo Proposal Is

An "open source" project aimed at landing civilians on the moon. This project should maintain the open spirit of other freely accessible public projects such as Wikipedia, the GNU license, etc. The project should maintain Transparency throughout all stages of planning and implimentation, as well as any data collected during implimentation.

The Galileo Proposal should be a place where innovation and thinking "outside the box" is acceptable and encouraged. However, blatent pseudoscience is not welcome (see What the Galileo Proposal Is Not)

What the Galileo Proposal Is Not

This is not a place for wild speculation, conspiracy theories, or pseudoscience.


The Galileo Proposal needs you! The more information, ideas, theories, equations, calculations, etc we can compile, the better our chance of actually making this happen. This is a list of current needs:

  • Help making the wiki a vibrant place with lots of users! And pretty!
  • Add new questions to the Open Questions page, or even better, add answers!
  • Help refine the mission statement and goals of the Galileo Proposal
  • Compile resources (links, textbook references, data, calculations, etc)
  • Determine feasable funding plan

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