Gallup Progress: Ideas to make Gallup, NM a nicer place to live.


This document was created as a scratchpad wiki by Steve Heil, resident of Gallup, New Mexico, an unusual small town in transition. Steve invites absolutely anyone living in or regularly visiting this town to participate in this collaborative idea bank. Some of these items actually exist. Others are just ideas. Please contribute what you know about the existing items. Any details you provide help to show the great potential as well as the need for collaboration and cooperation.

The question at hand is: What developments requiring lots of cooperation can we describe here? Let's document and reflect on the projects that are in the works. Let's envision the projects that we dream of, too.

Edit and/or add a paragraph for each project or idea for a project: Feel free to rearrange as you see fit.

Gallup Trails 2010 is an organization working to develop various trails in and around Gallup for the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. Summarize projects current and planned by this organization:

Gallup Performing Ars Center is a new organization coordinating performing arts education and events in Gallup.

An elementary charter school that turns education upside down and sets a new standard for excellence in Gallup.

Red Mesa Foundation's Mixed Use Development East Gallup

Work in Beauty Garden: Be Sargent lives on Logan and Puerco and has allowed a small group of gardeners to make a 60' by 60' garden in her back yard. Her organization is called Work in Beauty. THe first yea was 2006 and it was an experimental year with fits and starts, but in the end a proved it could be done. 2007 is shaping up to be the year of collborative planning for what has turned out to be 9 shares in a coop of sorts with a garden plan tha includes a rotation of crops and some help expected from an Albuquerque organization called Seed and Light International.

La Montanita Coop Store:

Jutta's Art Haus: On the 200 block of Hill Ave, to show student artwork in her home on Arts Crawl Night

Downtown Arts Crawl:

Gallup Journey: A publication that involves the arts, outdoor life, and a positive outlook for the town

Downtown revitalization:

ArtUp! A community group advocating for excellence in art education in the schools. Currently working on a proposal for the new school board about state funding for elementary arts next year.

A cooperative restaurant (a great idea): Individuals and families cook for eachother in a commercial kitchen using wholesale suppliers of ingredients. Members (not open to public at first) eat one or two meals a week and share the cost of operation cooperatively. Access to a variety of top quality foods through commercial sources and a place to eat specialty foods that are not otherwise available in our small town, such as World Foods, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, Sea Food, fine wines and beers. A nice atmosphere that is somehwat upscale for Gallup.

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