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  • Jumpy Junior
  • Scramblo o Matic
  • Space Corn
  • Build a Better Bunny
  • Were Must Help Save is Real Game
  • Dinkle Little Star
  • Josh and the Big Wall
  • Here We Go Scuba
  • Jerry's Cheeseburger Madness
  • Donut Hockey
  • Music Memory Game
  • King George and the Ducky matching Game
  • King George and the Ducky Squirting Gallery
  • Frost A Cake
  • Xerses Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Lyle's Breakout
  • Silly Song Memory Music
  • Cargo Bounce
  • Thrills n' Quills
  • Showtime Chaffeuers!

Intro Videos

  • Monsters Bouncing from "Jumpy Junior"
  • Jimmy and Jerry Eating Popcorn from "Space Corn"
  • Rack Shack and Benny from "Build a Better Bunny"
  • Tom Jerry Jimmy and Junior yelling from "Were Must Help Save is Real"
  • Buzz Saw Louie from "Dinkle Little Star"
  • Mr. Nezzer from "Frost A Cake"
  • Cavis and Millward from "Showtime Chaffeuers"

End Videos

  • Scallion 1 and Junior from "Scramblo o Matic"
  • Scooter Junior Larry and Bob from "Space Corn"
  • Filastems Cheering from "Were Must Help Save is Real"
  • Walls Fall Down from "Josh and the Big Wall"
  • Scallion 3 from "Here We Go Scuba"
  • Jerry from "Jerry's Cheeseburger Madness"
  • Archibald Cheering from "Donut Hockey"
  • Jimmy and Archibald from "Music Memory Game"
  • King George and Louis from "King George and the Ducky Matching Game"
  • Thomas and King George from "King George and the Ducky Squirting Gallery"
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything from "Cargo Bounce"

Front Cover

  • Top : Larry and Bob
  • Bottom : Junior Jerry and Jimmy

Back Cover

  • Top : Scallions
  • Middle : Mr. Lunt and Pa Grape
  • Bottom : Mr. Nezzer

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