This Website Is A Great Website That Many People Would Love Chatting On!We Have Many Smilies Some Art Made!This Is For All Ages!It Is Because All Curses Have Been Changed To Good Words!We Have Many Things To See!We Also Need New Members!Please Visit Game Island When You Can!As You Can See We Have Been Looking For Many People That Love Games!We Also Have A Game Updater That Tells Us When New Games Have Come Out!Remeber To visit!

The Smilies

The Smilies Were Actuall Made Art Crafted!Also We Have So Many More For You To See From Kirby To Link To Mario etc.Please Do Not Steal These Smilies!Thank You!

The Banner

The Banner Was Made By Me!Though I'm Looking Fot One That Has More Graphics So it Fits!If You Have Some Please Show Me And I Might Put It Up!Send Me Them To!Thank You!

The Skin

The Skin Takes You To Outer Space!!!!It Feels As If The Island is From Space!!It Will Put Your Emotions To Motions!Wow!That Was Lame I'm Ashamed!UGH!!!!

Youtube Videos

I Only Put Videos That Are Aprroprite And ONLY ONCE!!!!I Will Put One That Has....curses.....Anyway The Videos Will Relate To The Website Itself!

The Link To My Site

It's [1]

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