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Welcome to GMCR

Welcome to GMCR. GMCR was meant to be started on anger2headshot's website, however due to problems with MediaWiki, the Wiki has been started here. This also means that ideas can be changed rapidly to form a better GMCR when it eventually does get moved to its own home.

GMCR aims to use a Wiki to aim some of the functions achieved by communities such as YoYoGames, 64Digits and such, and also unique functions, but not attempt to compete with any other Game Maker community.

For example, you could share your creations (ranging from DLLs to creations, games etc) as encyclopaedic articles, and then use the talk pages in a way similarly to comments, or replies on a forum.

Enjoy your stay at GMCR!

Some useful pages

  • Recent changes - Recent changes, what do you think it has?
  • List of articles - Everything in this Wiki. Because this is a mini-wiki.
  • Rules - There are rules here too, you know.
  • Sandbox - Test out your Wiki skills

Main areas

r - REQUIRES registered/pro version
g7 - REQUIRES Game Maker 7
sr - MAY NEED registered/pro version
sg7 - MAY NEED Game Maker 7

Less important, but still important

64Digits users: {{:Game_Maker_Creations/Template:64Digits}} Preview:

64D This user is a registered member of 64Digits.

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