• Juni: Grandpa!
  • Grandpa: I will stay here, Juni.
  • Juni: No, Grandpa! You can't stay here.
  • General Mandible: Oh, yes, he can. Your grandfather want to say... Good-bye forever! (laughs)
  • All: (gasps)
  • Demetra: Look out!
  • Sulley: No! Don't push me, Mr. Waternoose!
  • Juni: Grandpa, No! No, Grandpa. Grandpa! No! (crying)
  • Toymaker: Grandpa. Game over!
  • Juni: No, Grandpa. I love you. You can't die, Grandpa! Grandpa.
  • Demetra: Sorry, Juni. But, it's too late for now. Grandpa was dead.
  • Juni: Huh? Why?
  • Mike: Demetra's right! But Grandpa is no more! He died in the machine. Game over for Grandpa! You never see Grandpa again. It's all my... It's all Sulley's fault! What's wrong with you, Sulley? You big baby! You have to save Grandpa.
  • Juni: But Grandpa's in trouble.
  • Fergy: What's his Grandpa?
  • Courage: But Grandpa's dead I thought.
  • Mike: You're still not listening! Grandpa is aren't alive! You big jerk! I'm gonna kill you, Sulley! Why did you do with that Grandpa? What the heck?
  • Yeti: Welcome to the Himalayas!
  • Wallace: Why won't you come in? We were just about to have some cheese with those... Snow cones.

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