Where to get the book

There are a few public libraries that have copies of this book, that can be used in the library or can be taken out for a short period of time. To become a member of one of the public libraries you need a water and electricity bill or some kind of bill to prove your residence and your ID. If you do not live in the area of the public library you will have to pay a certain amount to become a member, but you can still use the book inside the library without becoming a member.

Contact the Bedfordview library to get details about the where-abouts of the book.

Telephone: (011) 450-1914

Address: 3 Hawley Rd

These are the chapters of the "Game Ranch Management Book" by Prof. Bothma.


Part I:

Part I-brief summary

General guidelines

Important ecological principles and conservancies


Ecological monitoring

Geomorphology and climate of South Africa

Vegetation of South Africa

Part II:

Game ranch planning

Game ranch acquisition and cattle ranch transformation


Habitat evaluation





Ground vehicles and aircraft

Buildings and camping amenities

Lookout towers

Bomas and holding pens

Part III:

Animals and their characteristics

Antelope and other smaller herbivores

Large herbivores

Combining wild and domestic herbivores




Physical condition

Animal behaviour

Hybridization and inbreeding

Part IV:

Diseases and parasites of wild animals

Bacterial, viral and protozoal diseases

Other diseases

Post-mortem examination

Preventative disease management


Part V:

Animal management and utilization

Counting wild animals

Harvesting wild animals

Capturing wild animals

Keeping and feeding wild animals in captivity

Transporting wild animals

Buying and selling wild animals


Handling and measuring trophies

Harvesting and preparing venison

Part VI:

Habitat management

Veld management in the savannas

The coastal and near-coastal parts of the Cape region

Veld and soil reclamation

Part VII:

Participating in rural development

The role of African rural people in their environment

Managing for the sustainable use of renewable natural resources

Rural development and game ranch management

Detailed Contents


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