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This wiki is to be used for the research phase of the 2006 4th year Software Design project for the EE and IE Wits students. The project focuses on the design of a software application for use in a game reserve that will have two features:

1) Have the ability to plan the terrain limitations or requirements for a game reserve according to carrying capacity and terrain demographics.

2) Have the ability to continually manage the population of the game reserve.

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Topics So Far

Other Items of Interest


Email about sources of information

Course Website

Game Ranch Management Chapters - added info on where to get the book

Specific Game Related Terms

  • Book Listing - A list of books with useful info. All book titles and book summaries should go here.

Game Reserve Topics

Software Topics

Structure to Research

The easiest way to implement this research phase is on a first come first serve basis. If a topic is not taken, try and do the research for it, or if you find a taken topic that is missing some info, you can add to it.

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