This page will contain information on game reserves (particularly the smaller ones).

Botsalano Game Reserve a small reserve in North West

Addo Elephant Park This page has the mission of the park.

Australia's Chowilla Game Reserve Management Plan Gives quite extensive plans for the reserve (Jeff)

SA Molopo Reserve Management Plan A game reserve in South Africa, North West Province. Some nice numbers e.g. income expenditure breakdown, cost of some animals. Also got a SWOT analysis (Jeff)

Mkuzi Game Reserve Study

The book gives information on one of the aspects that affect game reserves, in particular, the Mkuzi Game Reserve. In short a game reserve requires a diverse quantity/number of species to have a system of balance. The reserve managers must maintain this balance to ensure that no single species begins to dominate the reserve causing the eventual extinction of all connected animals in the park (connected by their predator prey relations or vegetation relations). The land of the game reserve will also be better used if a diverse quantity of species exist.

The book also has some discussions on what aspects most affect the populations of the game reserve such as fire, soil types, vegetation and predation.

  • From "Soil Vegetation and Large Herbivore Relations in Mkuzi Game Reserve"
  • Peter Styan Goodman
  • Available from the Cullin Library Theses Section, QH 77.S7 GOO

Nature Conservation

So far the primary goal of game reserves has been to conserve nature and maintain a balance in terms of animal populations and plant life as well as a diversity of these species.

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Nature Conservation

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