Once players have an account and have downloaded the game, they can now play. Players first must choose a server in which to play. Each server allows only one character.[9] On the character selection screen, players have 6 choices:[9]

   * Warrior (male).
   * Warrior (female).
       * Warriors are very skilled in melee combat and good defenders. Warriors do not have as many skills as mages.
   * Mage (male).
   * Mage (female).
       * Mages are fairly weak at melee attacks but they excel at ranged attacks.
   * Paladin (male).
   * Paladin (female).
       * Paladins have special abilities. Paladins can defeat enemies and level up quickly.

There are only minor differences between male and female characters. Males can only give roses to females and not receive them. Females can only receive roses from males and not offer them. Some clothing are only for one sex. Also both sexes have their own set of hairstyles and avatars.

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