Gamera : Invasion of the Viras is a 1997 kaiju film and is between the events of Gamera : Gaurdian of the Universe and Gamera 2 : Advent of Legion.


Nasa detects a UFO heading straight to Earth and lands in Japan. Meanwhile, Nagamine was on a beach til two men come in and ask her to help with the investigation along with Asagi. Aliens came out from the UFO and captures the two women and flies off. As Nagamine and Asagi takes a look around the spaceship, they meet the aliens and were told by the aliens that the ship is controlled by telepathy. Nagamine stand still and feels like if something was restraining her. They discover a room with an alien squid creature in a cage. Nagamine and Asagi was trying to escape, but one alien found them. He uses telekinesis to make Nagamine in a chair and pins her arms and legs to the chair, and pins Asagi to a interrogation table. Gamera shows up and battles the alien monster Viras, while Nagamine and Asagi manages to escape the spaceship. Gamera had finally killed Viras and the aliens.

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