Documents for Production (5 in number)

1. Introduction

  • What is Gantt chart
  • Reading a Gantt chart
  • What the Gantt chart explains.

2. Usage document

  • How to use the Application
  • Open, Give input file and view Gantt chart
  • Reading the attributes Table
  • Global Information about the Process (Release)

3. Different Views of Gantt Chart

Things the user can do after drawing

  • Show/Hide relationships
  • Scale Unit change
  • Sort different columns is attribute table and Redraw
  • Reset Old sequence of commands as per graph
  • Change color of Bad RC and specify Good range

4. Command Duration change simulation

Document the explain about the command duration change simulation provided.

  • Reading the simulated change
  • Global duration impact
  • Reset changed commands (individual/all)
  • Change in Main panel affecting the search result drawn
  • Command Duration change from User input (GUI provided).
5. Gantt Chart Functionality document

How to use these functionalities viz...

Generate XML file

Generation of Input XML from .s00 file of ReleaseManager.


  • Show Source & Target
  • Search Panel options
  • Commands Executed On Hosts
  • Top 10 Commands

Logical Container

  • Make Logical container
  • Save, Edit and Draw Gantt Chart

Result of a Command

Compare Execution Time of Commands from files

  • Open multiple files
  • Append to existing table of Execution time of commands
  • Line graph of individual command

In general how to go with the user interactions to get the result of these functionalities.

(All documents to have descriptive steps with snap-shots of application)

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