Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground Type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It is the evolved form of Gabite, and the final stage of the Gible evolution line.


Garchomp shares traits of a hammerhead shark, while also being influenced by jet planes. It could also have been partially influenced from the European dragon, as well.


Garchomp has received extremely positive reception from fans when it was initially introduced.

However, competitive players such as Smogon, used to find it a complete nuisance to deal with, and was banned to Ubers immediately. This was partially because Garchomp has Sand Veil as it's primary Ability, which enabled it to have good evasion in Sandstorm, which Tyranitar and Hippowdon can very easily summon for numerous turns, unless another user changes the weather. Garchomp also favors the physical/special split introduced in the very generation it made it's debut, enabling it to run moves like Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Fire Blast for amazing coverage.

However, when Garchomp received Rough Skin as it's Hidden Ability in Generation V, it was then permitted back to OU, where it has been ever since. Even then, it is still a reputable threat to this day, in spite of the recent presence of Fairy Types in the metagame.

Garchomp has a solid physical attack stat, along with a good speed stat to back it up. It has a diverse movepool, like most fully evolved Pseudo-Legendaries to take advantage of. Competitive players have favored Garchomp very often for being a difficult to deal with, but powerful Pokémon to add on one's team.

Garchomp's notable drawback is it's 4x weakness to Ice, along with being weak to other Dragon Types, and recently to the Fairy Type, as well. However, Garchomp has sufficient tools as it's disposal to deal with the appropriate threat at large.

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