(UsagiCandy's version)

Orson as Princeton

Lanolin as Kate Monster

Garfield as Brian

Arlene as Christmas Eve

Roy as Nicky

Wade as Rod

Nermal as Gary Coleman

Lenore as Lucy the Slut

Bo as Trekkie

( UsagiCandy's notes: I made Lanolin, Kate because both are feisty(Kate shown she could be feisty) plus well....I always liked Orson/Lanolin(they shown hints in the show). I would've made Garfield, Trekkie but I thought he fit as Brian cause both Garfield/Brian and Arlene/ChristmasEve have a love/hate relationship and it make sense when Arlene/ChristmasEve sings to Lanolin/Kate, "The more you Ruv someone". of the reasons I made Roy, Nicky cause it makes sense for "Schadenfreude". Lenore is a pig from the U.S.Acres episode, "Stark Raven Mad"  who Orson also liked. Um...I made Bo, Trekkie more becuase I didn't know who else to be Trekkie and I like the roles I put the other characters in. Plus it makes more sense in the beginning of, "Everyone's a little bit racist".)                                                                                                                                                    

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