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Garfield/Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures is a most triumphant parody series that features video clips from Garfield and Friends and audio clips from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures. EXCELLENT!! (guitar riff)


  • Orson as Bill S. Preston Esq.
  • Bo as Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Garfield as Rufus
  • Bobby Bubby Bear as Mr. Preston
  • Lanolin as Missy Preston
  • Roy as Detective Logan
  • Booker as Deacon
  • Wade's Dad, The Police Dog, and Arlene as the Three Most Important People of the World
  • Alouysius as Coach Sweat Socks
  • Mrs. Chicken as Mona
  • Chloe as Lisa
  • Wade as Christopher Columbus
  • Bernie as Mr. Producer Guy
  • Floyd as Young Detective Chet Logan
  • Baby Turtle as Baby Bill
  • Nermal as Baby Ted
  • Newton Duck as Ivan the Terrible
  • Dick Drake as Warrior of Milo
  • Mother Turtle as Hippo
  • Edward R. Furrow as Mr. Radish
  • Plato as Thomas Edison
  • Garfield's Grandpa as Leonardo DaVinci
  • Penelope as Ms. Spleen
  • Alouysius's Mom as Venus the Amazon
  • Rufus T. Crab the Dog as Monster on Frognme Street
  • Fred Duck as Henry Ford
  • Cactus Jake as Mark Twain
  • Jon Arbuckle as the Mayor
  • Liz Arbuckle as Teacher from Chet's past (from The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Phone Booth
  • Rolando the Exercise Man as Coach Jim Nazium
  • Knuckles (from Sonic) as Mr. Ryan
  • and more

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