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Garfield/Blackadder is a parody with Garfield and Friends and Blackadder audio.


Version 1 (made by SonicandKnuckles)

  • Roy as Blackadder (Both vain)
  • Booker as Baldrick (Baldrick's voice suits Booker)
  • Wade as Lord Percy (Lord Percy's voice suits Wade)
  • Garfield as Melchett and Duke of Wellington
  • Orson as Prince/Lieutenant George
  • Old Pig as Captain Kevin Darling
  • Lanolin as Kate/Bob
  • Cloe as Queen Elizabeth I and Nurse Mary
  • Arlene as Nursie
  • Boopsy as Ambassador
  • Plato as Lord Topper
  • Odie as Lord Smedley
  • The Weasel as The Witchsmeller Pursuivant and Prince Ludwig
  • The Fox as William Pitt the Younger
  • The Wolf as Bishop of Bath and Wells
  • Vector (from Sonic) as King Richard IV
  • Mrs. Chicken as The Queen
  • Lady (from TATMR) as Princess Leia
  • Police Dog as Harry, Prince of Wales
  • Wade's Dad as King Richard III
  • Nermal as Mad Gerald
  • Aloyisious Pig as Field Marshall Douglas Haig

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