Version 1 (made by Vinhchaule)

  • Orson as Goku
  • Garfield as Piccolo
  • Bo as Tien
  • Jon Arbuckle as Yamcha
  • Odie as Krillin
  • Roy as Master Roshi
  • Nermal as Gohan
  • Liz Wilson as Videl
  • The Weasel as Raditz
  • Arlene as Bulma
  • Lenore as Chi Chi
  • Gort, Wart, and Mort, as Dodoria, Super Buu, and Mr. Popo
  • Wade as Gogeta
  • Binky the Clown as Kid Buu
  • Lanolin as Erasa
  • Robo-Pig as Frieza
  • and more

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