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This is a parody series I'll be making on Dailymotion. It uses Suite Pretty Cure and Smile Pretty Cure clips and has audio from episodes of Garfield and Friends. (mimitchi33

Version 1 (by mimitchi33):


  • Ellen Kurokawa/Siren as Garfield
  • Dodory as Odie
  • Hummy as Nermal(both are cute)
  • Ouji Masumune as Jon Arbuckle
  • Hibiki Hojo as Dr. Liz (Ouji loves Hibiki as Jon loves Liz)
  • Kanade Minamino as Jane Arbinkle (the romantic interest who appears in Change of Mind)
  • Akaoni as Binky the Clown (both of them have the same voice actor)
  • Falsetto as Al Schwindler
  • Council President Ire as Herman Post
  • Souta Minamino as Cactus Jake
  • Candy as Penelope Pussycat

U.S. Acres

  • Miyuki Hoshizora as Orson Pig (both love books and are the main characters of their series)
  • Akane Hino as Roy Rooster (both are jokesters)
  • Yayoi Kise as Wade Duck (both are shy)
  • Nao Midorikawa as Bo Sheep (her and Reika are childhood friends, as Bo and Lanolin are twins)
  • Reika Aoki as Lanolin Sheep (same reason as Nao, and both have blue theme colors.)
  • Joker as The Weasel (both are villians)
  • Wolfrun as The Wolf and The Fox (both are villians)
  • Pop as Booker Chick (both are little boys)
  • Suzu as Sheldon Egg (both were shy)
  • Ako Shirabe as Chloe Chick (both are young children)
  • Sakagami Ayumi as Aloysius Pig (she was originally revealed to be Miyuki's daughter from the future)
  • Ayumi's mother as Mrs. Pig (Aloysius Pig's mom)

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