• Orson as The BFG
  • Cloe as Sophie
  • The Wolf as The Freshlumpeater
  • The Weasel as The Bloodbottler
  • Floyd as The Meatdripper
  • Gort as The Childchewer
  • Wart as The Bonecruncher
  • Mort as The Gizzardgulper
  • The Fox as The Maidmasher
  • Aloysius as The Butcher Boy
  • Liz as The Queen of England
  • Arlene as Mary
  • Who the Dog as The Head of the Army
  • Where the Dog as The Head of the Airforce
  • Bertie Buddy Bear as Mr. Tibbs
  • Lanolin as Mrs. Clonkers
  • Wade's Dad as The Sergant
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as The Red Mouse
  • Griff (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as The BFG's Dream Bottles

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