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  • Orson as Greg
  • Roy as Murray
  • Garfield as Anthony
  • Booker as Jeff
  • Lanolin as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Plato as Wags the Dog
  • Odie as Henry the Octopus
  • Fred Duck as Captain Feathersword
  • Cloe as Magdalena the Mermaid
  • Mona as Flora Door
  • Sonic (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Pirate Boy
  • Arlene as Officer Beaples
  • Wade as Sam Moran
  • Bo as Keith Urban
  • Winston as Blake Bowden
  • Coconuts (from AOSTH) as Brad Caroll
  • Jon Arbuckle as Paul The Cook
  • Liz Arbuckle as Lucy Fixit

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