Garfield/Tom and Jerry is a parody with the comic strip's sounds and the animal-cartoon series' clips.

Version 1

  • Garfield as Tom (both are hyperactive cats)
  • Floyd as Jerry (both are mice)
  • Booker as Nibbles
  • Wart as Spike
  • Odie as Butch
  • Orson as Quacker
  • Arlene as Toodles Galore (both end names with "E")

Version 2

  • Roy as Tom
  • Orson as Jerry
  • Bo as Nibbles
  • Garfield as Spike
  • Odie as Tyke (both are happy dogs)
  • Jon Arbuckle as Butch (both are ironic)
  • Sheldon as Quacker
  • Penelope as Toodles Galore

Version 3

  • Jon Arbuckle as Tom
  • Booker as Jerry
  • Sheldon as Nibbles
  • Roy as Spike
  • Garfield as Butch (both are cats)

Version 4

  • Orson as Tom
  • Garfield as Jerry
  • Odie as Nibbles
  • Spanky as Spike (they both starts with "S", and both are dogs)
  • Nermal as Butch
  • Arlene as Toodles Galore

Version 5

  • Garfield as Tom
  • Louis as Jerry
  • Spanky as Nibbles
  • Luca as Spike (both are grumpy, idiot dogs)
  • Jon Arbuckle as Butch
  • Nermal as Topsy

Version 6

  • Mrs. Baker as Tom (both are kindhearted)
  • Christopher Mello as Jerry
  • Nermal as Nibbles (they both starts with "N", and both have grey fur)
  • Garfield as Spike
  • Odie as Tyke
  • Persnikitty as Butch (both are ironic)

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