• Jon Arbuckle as Barney
  • Garfield as BJ
  • Dr. Liz Wilson as Luci
  • Happy Chapman as The Winkster
  • Happy's butler as Michael
  • Christopher Merllo as Riff
  • Mrs. Baker as Baby Bop
  • Little Girl as Kathy
  • Raccoon Lodge Member as Shawn
  • News Reporter as Derek
  • Engineer as Robert
  • Louis as Danny
  • Persnikitty as Kenneth
  • Nermal as Mr. Boyd
  • Lucas as Jason (from TV Series)
  • Arlene as Min
  • Dad Rat as Juan
  • Mom Rat as Tina
  • Kid Rat #1 as Curtis
  • Kid Rat #2 as Chip
  • Kid Rat #3 as Mr. Tenagain
  • Spanky as Old King Cole 

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