Garfield and Friends: What's Up with Wade? is a 1994 VHS from CBS/FOX Video which features Garfield and Friends episodes from Seasons One through Six that were mostly centered around Wade Duck, and was hosted by Garfield, with a few appearances by Nermal, and a special guest appearance by Wade Duck himself.


  • Wade, You're Afraid
  • Shy Fly Guy
  • Fortune Kooky
  • First Aid Wade
  • Nothing to Be Afraid Of
  • The Bunny Rabbits is Coming!
  • A Mildly Mental Mix-Up
  • What's it All About, Wade?


  • Garfield and Friends Video Series Promo
  • Beakman's World Sneak Peek
  • FBI Warning
  • CBX/FOX Video ID
  • Film Roman 1989 Logo
  • Garfield and Friends "We're Ready to Party" Intro
  • Start of Video

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