After nine seasons of the regular Garfield and Friends format, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, Garfield and Friends will switch to an all-new format in the fall of 2013 during it's tenth season, called Garfield and Friends Supershow!. The show will have rotating segments based on the Jim Davis universe of comics.

Segments of Season 10.

  • Garfield: Segments based on the popular Garfield comic. As with the previous series, they appear every episode.
  • Penelope in the Big City: Garfield's girlfriend, Penelope, goes on adventures with Garfield in her city.
  • It's Odie Time!: Odie disguises as different things in order to fool people.
  • The Cutest Kitty: Nermal-based segments.
  • Floyd's World: A segment about the secret life of Floyd and his mouse friends.
  • Gnorm Gnat: A segment that only appeared for two segments about the everyday adventures of a gnat.
  • U.S. Acres: Based off the popular U.S. Acres comic, this follows the everyday adventures of Orson Pig and his friends.
  • Roy and Wade: The adventures of the comical duo of Roy and Wade and their everyday lives.
  • The Enchanted Kingdom: A segment set in the universe of "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarves".
  • Aloysius Pig: Segments starring Aloysius Pig. Most cartoons are based on the comedy routines of famous comedian Kevin Meaney.
  • Princess Lanolina: A segment set in the same universe as "Much Ado About Lanolin".
  • Double Oh Orson: A James Bond spoof.
  • Clowning Around: Binky the Clown segments.
  • The Buddy Bears: Educational segments.


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