• Orson: (narrating) ...And so, the fog slowly lifted.
  • Dunglap: Oh, no! We're in the haunted graveyards!
  • Garfield: (also narrating) The mice went for help.
  • Wade: Yes. Then what happened to poor, poor Dunglap?
  • Orson: Oh, yes, well, let's see. Oh, yes. (continues narrating) Dunglap was all alone.
  • Garfield: What a sad story. But not for long. Snaptrap's two henchman approached.
  • Roy Ohh, I'm not gonna love this!
  • Lanolin: Will you come on? It's only a story, remember?
  • Roy: Oh, yeah, I forgot.
  • Ollie: Got you this time, Dunglap. It's what we do. It's what we lived for-
  • Francisco -to help poor unfortunate friends and family, like yourself.
  • Ollie: Poor souls with no one else to turn into.
  • Bo: Like, oh, great, man. He's going to sing.
  • Wade: Nice going, Roy.
  • Roy: Sorry.
  • Garfield: Maybe, he'll sing...
  • Roy Gems Song!! (he laughs manically)
  • Nermal: Ollie sings "Gems"?! That sounds awful!
  • Jon: (walking outside getting angry at Garfield and Roy) Garfield! Roy! What are you doing getting Nermal scared and upset?
  • Orson: Garfield and Roy, aren't you two ashamed?
  • Roy: Fear or no fear. We're not scared at all.
  • Garfield: Then Ollie sang...
  • Ollie (singing tone) When I wake up first thing I do, gems. It's two look around for something to chose. I know. Squeezing Agent Katswell is very, very squishy, but can you see I'm ridicules to picky? Gems!

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