After the final episode of Garfield and Friends' eighth season, and high ratings for said season, a ninth season of episodes debuted on CBS. This season introduced more classifications for Garfield segments such as "Garfield's Travels" and "It's Odie Time!", specifying episodes about Garfield traveling across the globe and episodes about Odie. This season will have a film, Garfield and Friends: Quest for Harappa where the characters from Garfield and U.S. Acres join together to find a lost civilization, released in July of 2013. Unlike the last season of the show, one new episode will air per week, with the second being a re-run of a Season 1 episode. Two episodes of the season are just a single segment padded out as a 22-minute episode.

Episode List

  1. The Apple of His Eye/Hiya Hunn/The Kitty Council Disbands
  2. Witch Way/Snow Wade: The True Story/The Little Merkitten
  3. The Big Blue Book/Aloysius Goes On Vacation/The Secret Life of Dogs
  4. Electric Blight Orson
  5. Last Shred Of Gratitude/Love Is For Everyone/Who Invented Communication
  6. Jon and Jane's Vacation/Super Coward's Wish/Yo Ho Hypno
  7. The Rise of the Machine Pt. 1/New Dog on the Farm/The Rise of the Machine Pt. 2
  8. Revenge of the Living Monday/Farmfire Works/Natural Born Fighters
  9. Kitty Kash/Rocket Pig/Cupid Cat
  10. Forest of Danger/The Mysterious Power Plant/Pop Idol Penelope
  11. Garfily Ever After/Wanted: Aloysius!/Go West Young Clown
  12. Computer Hacker Swindler/My Mother The Butterfly/Abu Duabi: Up Close and Personal
  13. Daredevil Jon/The Richest Pig In The World/Believing In Love
  14. One Dollar Disaster/Demands Are My Best Friend/Robotic Renagade
  15. Some Kinda Trouble/The Lake Of Questions/Non Stop Nature Tour
  16. Wisdom Happens/The Guilty Bear/Dawn Of The Lasanga
  17. Smooth Beats/Rounding Up A Mystery/A New Breed Of Romance
  18. Understanding Shopping/Consequences Are Nothing/Monsoon To Be Unseen
  19. Unstoppable Dreams/Friendly Heart/Desert of Lost Judgement
  20. Mighty Moment/Show Me Some Fantasies/Hot Talent
  21. Mama's Day Over/Sensational Skating/Glass Burnt
  22. The Infinite Promise
  23. Doin' The City Thing/Rainy Day Rooster/He's Just My Man
  24. 5 Dollar Yard Sale/Hope For Tommorow/Sickening Annoyance
  25. The Real Rocky Road/Son Of A Scheme/Can't Handle Ignorance
  26. Disco Garfurno/The Unforgettable Musical/Garfield's Big Break.

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