Gargarensis is a Cyclops and one of Poseidon's offspring. He is the main antagonist of Fall of the Trident. Gargarensis bears a grudge against Poseidon due to his having seduced his grand-mother. Despite this, he decides to help Poseidon in his mission to release Kronos from Tartarus due to him believing that Poseidon will make him immortal for his efforts. He is, consequently, the enemy of Arkantos, who seeks to prevent him from releasing Kronos from his imprisonment. Upon returning to Atlantis, Arkantos discovers Gargarensis to have captured the city and to be attempting to open a fourth gate to Tartarus buried beneath the city and previously unknown to the Atlanteans. In order to aid him, Poseidon brings to life a large statue which bears the god's on appearance. Zeus, however, grants Arkantos demigod-like power. In the insuing battle, Arkantos defeats the living Poseidon statue by ramming his spear into it, causing it to topple and the trident that it wields to fall from its grasp and impale Gargarensis.

Gargarensis is a hero unit who possesses the abiliy to pick up and hurl human soldiers similar to that of a Cyclops unit.

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