The Gargoyles are one of the three races of Earth. They live in Clans across the World. The Gargoyles were nearly wiped out, but, by 2188, there were twenty gargoyle clans in the entire world. However, there were twelve gargoyle Nationalities left.



Two clans originated from America. The first is of Scottish, Japanese and Chinese ancestry. This clan, called the Manhattan Clan, serves as protectors of the city in the NYPD. The second, the Labyrinth Clan, which was made up of Gargoyle Clones, Humans and Mutates. Their home, the Labyrinth serves as a haven for the homeless, outsiders and misfits that have no where else to go.


English gargoyles resemble heraldic animals, such as lions, unicorns, gryphons, hippogriffs, deer and wild boar. They have all shown very small brow ridges and only two known members have shown horns of any sort (one a horn in the center of the forehead, the other two six-pointed antlers). All members have been shown to have feathery wings except one (Constance). The feet are generally either clawed like those of a typical gargoyle or hooved. Skin and hair tones seem to be more "natural" shades such as brown, white, blond, etc. All members seen so far have possessed animal-like snouts or beaks. They run a large shopping complex in London and the clan act as merchants. They may have become one of the clans best adapted to the ways of humanity.


It is notable that gargoyles of Japan sometimes have fewer digits on their feet or hands, or have more digits on their wings. Beside that, many of the clan's members have thick brow ridges, horns, and spikes. Many have spikes, blades, or forked features on the ends of their tails. Some members have beaks, but they appear to be a minority. So far, none of the observed members are hairless or light-haired, none have feather-like wing coverings, and none have their wings attached to their arms and legs. The Japanese gargoyles truly become a clan of teachers. Many gargoyles will go to Ishimura to learn Bushido and join the Order of the Guardian.

South American

South American gargoyles have much in common with other gargoyles around the world. They seem to come in a wide variety of colors and several of the most common wing types have been seen among their members. They do, however, show several distinct local characteristics. Though some do have brow horns, most or all of the members possess a large crest behind their brows. These crests come in many different forms. A majority of the South American gargoyles have lower bodies that have formed into a snake-like form without separate legs or tail. These gargoyles also have a series of scales along their abdomen. One unusual wing type seen among this clan are a feathered wing of a slightly different style than the feathered wings seen among the London Clan. Though no members have been seen with beaks as of yet, there does exist a reptilian jaw of a sort and some gargoyles possess reptilian eyes as well. Three different ear types have been seen among this clan, and two hair colors (black and white). No other information exists at this time, though it is clear that there is likely to be other unique features among these gargoyles. In South America the protect the Rain forests.

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